Who Am I?

I'm Turner Bell, and I'm a software and web developer. I have worked with computer programming languages, such as C#, VBA, ASP.NET, Android, HTML, CSS, XML, Java, JavaScript, SQL Server and PHP. I have also worked with operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows as well as Linux Distros including Arch Linux and Linux Mint. I am proficient in using software applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, G-Suite Apps, Google Docs, Microsoft Access and Adobe Photoshop.

Growing up, I have always been interested in computers and how they worked. Learning programming in high school made me consider development as a career. I pride myself in my passion in technology, work ethic, and honesty, and am always willing to learn new skills. I also enjoy designing and developing applications. I analyze and align applications based on recent trends to create the most simple and accessible application for users.

The world of technology is always changing, and I aspire to be a part of that.